Lipsy twins!

Christenings are one of those things that are so hard to dress for! Do you go all out, wear a dress and turn up to find everyone else in jeans and a top, and feel completely over dressed, or go cas and risk feeling like a scruff all day?


Well I decided to doll myself up and risk the awkward looks. I bought this bandage dress from Lipsy @ Next, and it fits like a glove. It is very flattering for curves, and is such a thick fabric that it holds in all the lumps and bumps (meaning you can save on the Spanx)!


My only complaint was, as I arrived at the church I spotted my double… Yes the dreaded twinning happened, someone else was also wearing this dress, but to make matters worse she was over 50! So naturally I started wondering who it was that had got it all wrong! That aside, I love it, and highly recommend some of the dresses in the Lipsy range, as there were quite a few  I could have chosen!


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