Made in Chelsea

Since being a little girl I had always dreamt of living in London, and brushing shoulders with respected people of the fashion industry.Four years ago when I was 19 my dreams all came true, in a tiny little envelope from London College of Fashion. I had been accepted on a course to study Fashion retail branding, and Visual Merchandising. I could have been studying horse shit, and I would have been just as excited. Becoming an LCF student was the motivation and reassurance I needed after a tough few years in a past relationship.

Having started my course, it was all I had expected, and more. I really was living the dream. It was the first time in my life that I was surrounded by like minded people with exactly the same interests and goals. Every day was a party, I was literally studying my hobby. Library visits included reading Vogue Magazine and admiring designers new season Look books. Classes included one on one sessions with international visual merchandising managers from brands like Marks and Spencer’s and John Lewis. Having a film crew in lectures was the norm, after all, everyone wants to know what goes on behind those doors on Oxford Street.

I was always excited about the prospect of where I might work upon graduation. But as the end of my course drew nearer, my dreams were quickly slipping away. My relationship back home in Yorkshire became more and more troubled, and this is where I ended up returning. So I never got my dream job, but I did tick the London College of Fashion box.

A year later I realised enough was enough, and I broke up with my boyfriend of four and a half years, and whilst part of me hates him for making it impossible for me to continue with my London life, the other  part of me is grateful that I did come back, as other opportunities opened up for me. I know have my own fashion store, and live with my new partner who was a complete blessing in disguise and I couldn’t be happier. I am a true believer in everything happening for a reason and the timing of things being just so.



JEANS: Topshop

WATCH: Michael Kors



4 thoughts on “Made in Chelsea

  1. That’s amazing! I’m actually really curious to know your application process and what it was really like studying in LCF. Are you going to do any blog posts on that? I’m thinking of applying soon so it’ll be amazing if I can get some tips and trick from a past graduate student❤️


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      1. I’m thinking of merchandising and buying! Thanks Olivia, I’ll definitely be looking out for that:D

        Xo, Vanessa


  2. Looking great, hun! You are oh so chic. And I love London!! Been there twice. The second time I stayed at the famous Claridges. Love that hotel. It was near the oh so chic store Browns! And all of the famous shopping streets are nearby, too! I adore Selfridges! I think I bought a lot of Prada on that holiday. Took a cruise around Northern Europe after that.

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    It is as chic, edgy, varied and urban as London itself!


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