Cotton-tail cuteness!

I would like to welcome you all to Cotton- tail- my new house rabbit.


After wanting a  house rabbit for as long as I can remember, my boyfriend finally gave in yesterday, and gave me the money to go and pick this fella up.

Originally called Richard, I decided ” Cotton- tail” suited my fairy tale kind of life much better. We adopted Cotton- tail from Pets at Home, re- homing section where animals have been given up for adoption as their owners can’t look after them anymore.

Cotton-tail was unwanted by numerous owners as he doesn’t like being handled, and isn’t good around children. He isn’t aggresive, and doesn’t bite or anything, he just hates being picked up. This is fine for me as I am more than happy for him to run around freely without being pestered.

He is however already so much more sociable. We let him have the free run of the upstairs of the house, and have a cage for him to hop into when he pleases with toys, food and water. We were originally putting him in the cage over night, but he has managed to find a way of un- clipping it and escaping! He is very cheeky and has a lot of character.

Each day he is getting more confident and friendly, and actually really loves being around people. Whatever room I go in he follows me. He comes and sits next to me while I do my makeup in the mirror. He has also learnt to jump up onto our bed- something my boyfriend isn’t too happy about.

You can follow Cotton- tails adventures on Insagram by following his new account- adventures_of_cottontail



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